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100% pure soy wax candles and reed diffusers lovingly infused with scents to delight your senses

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A natural, healthy way to balance your emotions

When you connect with an aroma you trigger your sense of smell as a natural alternative to lift your emotional state of mind.
It’s a delightful way to uplift your feelings to states of harmony and happiness without adverse side affects to your health.

what's in a scent

Scent Guide

Discover which scents resonate with you by opening our scent guide here.

A range to compliment your lifestyle

Are you searching for candles to create a sense of ambiance in a room or perhaps a reed diffuser to freshen an enclosed room?
Select from a range of pure soy candles, soy melts and reed diffusers infused with a selection of 100% pure essential oils or fragrance aromas.


Scented Candles

Pure Soy

Candles create ambiance with their flickering light as well as a burst of aroma that fills an entire room for an instant pick me up.


Soy Melts + Burners

Scented Pure Soy

Use scented soy melts in the top of an oil burner to fill a room with your favourite aroma or use cold in cupboards and drawers for the same effect.


Reed Diffusers

Alcohol Free

Reed diffusers are an elegant way to create a constant subtle flow of aroma at every moment of the day without the concern of a naked flame.


Sample Tester Cards

All Scents

A great way for you to experience how a scent resonates with you.
You can sample ‘tester’ cards as a way for you to ‘try before you buy’.


Gift Set Ideas

Pure Soy

View a range of gift set combinations where you get to select which aromas to include to personalise what the lucky recipient receives.


Unscented Tea Lights

Pure Soy

Aroma free, pure soy wax. A cleaner burning alternative – with no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants. Pack of 6 or a quantity of 100 bulk packed.

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