CANDLE CARE2017-05-30T11:48:51+00:00

Thanks so much for purchasing one of our candles, we hope you love it!

To get the most enjoyment from your candle we recommend the following guidelines:

~ Trim the wick to 5mm before lighting each time, this ensures your candle will burn cleanly. If your jar is going black it is because the wick is too long, and its causing too large a flame.

~ Allow the candle to melt fully to the edges on the top before extinguishing, this will ensure the candle burns down evenly all the way to the bottom, rather than tunnelling.

~ Burn the candle for a maximum of 3 hours at a time.

~ For safety reasons we recommend extinguishing the candle when it has approx. 2mm of wax left in the jar. If left to burn after the wax has all evaporated the metal wick tab can cause the jar to overheat. The remaining wax can either be tipped out or washed out in warm soapy water.

~ And of course all the normal candle safety things like: Place on a fire resistant surface, never leave a lit candle unattended, keep away from pets and children.

We hope your candle brings you many hours of ambient pleasure.