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Sandalwood Vanilla – Small 18 Hour Pure Soy Candle

$18.50 incl. GST (AU only)

  • Sandalwood Vanilla is smooth, woody aroma that’s combined with a subtle blend of orchid, jasmine and creamy vanilla for a softening touch.
  • The benefits of sandalwood include helping you relax into sleep, relieve anxiety and lift melancholy.
  • Ideally suited for smaller/enclosed rooms such as offices, bathrooms, bedrooms and caravans

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  • Sandalwood Vanilla is smooth, woody aroma that’s combined with a subtle blend of orchid, jasmine and creamy vanilla for a softening touch.
  • The benefits of sandalwood include helping you relax into sleep, relieve anxiety and lift melancholy.
  • Ideally suited for smaller/enclosed rooms such as offices, bathrooms, bedrooms and caravans
  • dimensions: 55mmW x 70mmH – unboxed
  • weight with the jar & timber lid: 175g
  • 18 hour burn time
  • unboxed
  • opaque white glass jar that creates a warm ambient glow when lit.
  • completed with a natural timber lid to prevent dust settling when not in use
  • hand-poured with 100% pure soy wax and pure cotton wicks
  • this ensures you are burning elements free of petroleum, paraffin and parabens which can have adverse side effects to your health.
  • unboxed
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Sweet Aromas

  • Vanilla Caramel
    Offers you a sweet, rich and buttery caramel that is melt in the delicious. Laced with overlays of creamy vanilla, it provides a warm, comforting feeling to a room.
    When inhaled this blend it is often associated to happy memories of cooking in the kitchen, eating chocolate and sharing sweet treats with loved ones.
  • Japanese Honeysuckle
    Is a sweetly intoxicating fruity floral blend capturing the light-hearted fragrance of the delightful honeysuckle vine. Blended with mandarin, pine, neroli, vanilla, jasmine and cedar wood ‘Japanese Honeysuckle’ is a sweet blend that delights the young at heart.
    The ‘japanese honeysuckle’ is a flowering vine native to eastern Asia that is used in Chinese medicine as an immune stimulator for its strong antibacterial and antiviral qualities.
  • Coconut Lime
    Has the aroma of a classic summer beach fragrance and will provide you with a great reminder of your favourite summer holiday.
    With an invigorating blend of fresh coconut, lime and verbena along with rich undertones of dreamy vanilla this aroma will take you back to warm balmy evenings and beautiful sunsets.
    An irresistible favourite with both males and females of all ages.

Citrus Aromas

  • Lime, Basil, Mandarin –
    Each Lime Basil Mandarin blend is infused with the fresh citrus tang of lime, juicy mandarin and underlying tones of sweet basil. An absolute favorite with all women as it’s bright and refreshing with a lightly stimulating aroma.
    Also great for supporting the reduction of sinus congestion, for enhancing your mood, increasing alertness, and relaxing your muscles.
  • French Pear –
    A richly layered fragrance that is infused with notes of lush ripe pears and laced with delicious dessert like spices.
    With an enticing aroma of ripe pears, laced with  cinnamon and a slight touch of coconut and vanilla to soften the spice.
    Pears are also rich in essential antioxidants and combined with cinnamon and clove for you to inhale to combat the symptoms of colds and flu, sore throats, nasal congestion, and headaches.
  • Uplift –
    A stimulating and energizing blend of pure essential oils, this blend will lift your mood and the mood of those around you.
    A great one to have burning when visitors are coming over or you’re practicing yoga or fitness training.With the invigorating freshness of lemongrass, peppermint and grapefruit and the rejuvenating properties of clary sage, bergamot and aniseed it makes for the perfect pick me up.
  • Coconut Lime
    Has the aroma of a classic summer beach fragrance and will provide you with a great reminder of your favourite summer holiday.
    With an invigorating blend of fresh coconut, lime and verbena along with rich undertones of dreamy vanilla this aroma will take you back to warm balmy evenings and beautiful sunsets.
    An irresistible favourite with both males and females of all ages.
  • Festivity –
    Is one of our team’s favourites. With a beautiful pure essential oils blend of cinnamon and sweet orange that is lovingly blended to invoke a mood for celebration.
    Its warming qualities when inhaled will uplift and revive you, yet calm and comfort you at the same time.

Woody Aromas

  • Sandalwood Vanilla –
    Is a beautiful smooth and sensual woody fragrance. Combined with a subtle blend of orchid, jasmine and creamy vanilla for a softening touch.
    The real benefits of sandalwood include helping you relax in to sleep, relieve anxiety and lift melancholy. As well as subdue feelings of irritability and aggression, promote openness and compassion and enhance the senses in meditation. Inhaling sandalwood can create a feeling of relaxation and peace as well as reduce anxiety.
    With warm rich tones of sandalwood that are combined with orchid, jasmine and creamy vanilla to create a beautiful smooth and sensual woody fragrance.
  • Exotic Amber –
    Is a truly mysterious and exotic blend of amber, cedar-wood and patchouli laced together with a subtle hint of vanilla which makes it appealing to many a woman.
    This blend provides you with an anti-anxiety remedy to rid you of feelings of fatigue and weariness as well as relax your body, enhance concentration,  ease tension and clear your mind.
    Its qualities will also help to deodorize your indoor environments, repel insects and prevent the development of mildew.
  • Beach Holiday –
    Byron Bay Candles Beach Holiday Candle is an energising blend infused with rosemary, lemon, neroli, cedar-leaf and teak wood to take you back to the beach for a fresh coastal escape.
    Whether your near or far you can capture the essence of Byron Bay in the lighting of this candle.

Floral Aromas

  • Lotus Flower –
    Is a fragrance you can fall in love with an infusion of richly sensual oriental fragrances. Imagine layers of perfect white lotus delicately woven with threads of vanilla and patchouli to provide you with an intoxicating aroma of mystery.
    When you inhale the essence of lotus flower it provides you with a feeling of peacefulness and inspires the body to breathe more deeply.
    In the past, ancient Romans used lotus essential oil to treat respiratory problems such as asthma and to increase feelings of tranquility.
    So if you love a strong aroma then this one is for you.
  • Wild Frangipani –
    Is a rich tropical fragrance containing elements of pure frangipani essential oil.
    A floral essence whose aroma drifts in the breeze during Byron’s warm, summer months.
    As well as a natural aphrodisiac that is known for its sensual aroma. Simply a lovely aroma to reconnect with your inner peace.
  • Rain Water –
    Is a classic, floral bouquet of carnation, lily, jasmine, tuberose, violet and crisp white grapefruit.
    A lovely combination for a perfectly clean, fresh fragrance that works in harmony to help reduce any stress and fatigue you may be feeling.
    This blend is loved by men as much as women which makes it a great choice to burn in a shared work space or home environment.
  • Harmony –
    This Harmony Aromatherapy Candle is a synergy of pure essential oils with sweet orange, ylang ylang and rose geranium for a blend to balance and sooth your emotions and invoke emotions of love.
    A perfect combination to boost a negative mood. And a refreshing blend to re-energise and uplift the mind.
  • Enrich –
    Provides an enriching combination to delight your senses.
    At first smell you’ll pick up the softness of ‘Lavender’ with the subtle touch of Patchouli and Grapefruit.
    A pure essential oil blend of lavender that helps promote calmness and wellness as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Together with the benefits of patchouli oil which works to balance and calm the emotions, it makes for a perfectly natural aroma to relax your senses.

I have been looking for refillable reed defusers and came across Byron Bay Candles. I LOVE the fragrance, Harmony, essential oil. Happy I no longer have to throw away my container, such a waste. Thanks guys ❤️
The love I have grown for this candle brand happened quick and unexpectedly. I purchased these on a whim, and after one night and half a day of burning, I do not think I will ever go onto purchasing another candle brand EVER again. The burn is perfectly even, wick lets off a great flame and the aroma is divine without that sickly smell you get from expensive candles. The ingredients are top quality and healthy, and the candle refills are innovative and even more of an incentive to continue buying at an even more affordable price (plus did I mention the tester cards?!). The quality of the candles speak for themselves but the brands sustainable ethos is also a great added bonus. I wish I found them sooner!!!!
Great candles and great locals to support! A wide range of scents and refillable options available too.
Love love love the diffuser bundle. Quality is exceptional, packed in environmentally friendly way and shipped off to me super fast. My house smells fabulous.
Such beautiful candles. This will be my third order. Highly recommend.
I have ordered lots of products from Byron Bay Candles for my daughter who lives in Australia and she has been delighted with all of the lovely scents and aromas. I hope some day to visit myself.
I have tried many different brands, and these are without a doubt the absolute best wax melts I have ever used! The scents are so beautiful, and the aromas travelled throughout the entire house. The fragrance is strong enough to fill the house (and the scent remained for a few hours after it stopped burning), yet it is not super overpowering. My order was packed beautifully, and the wax melts have been moulded into such cute shapes. So excited to try the candles next! Cannot recommend this brand enough!
I love Byron bay candles and my customers love it to the designs the smells what a great product and the staff are always there to help it is a great feeling to be helped and supported through the whole process.
Fantastic products, free of nasties and full of goodies, made by a wonderful and caring family. Can not rate them high enough!
I absolutely love all the candles that I've ordered so far and the service and delivery is prompt and their communication is fantastic. Each time with my order I have received a hand written personalised card and a free gift with my purchase which is really lovely. I highly recommend this Australian company :)
I love the candles and diffusers. My favourite scent is Japanese honeysuckle
Love these candles … they are too die for .. Smell amazing 🤩 look amazing and last for ages . Received one with a faulty wick and spoke to a lovely lady who sent a replacement the very next day . I’m very happy 😊
Absolutely love my oil burner & tea lights, the melts smell amazing. Diffuser smells fantastic, makes the whole house smell so good. Definitely be making more purchases.
Beautiful natural ingredient candles with beautiful scents are a pleasure to burn. Local Australian company with fantastic customer service and super smart practices with environmentally sustainable refills. I’m totally hooked!
I just love the products & the personal touch I encounter with every purchase.Professional, friendly & efficient, I have enjoyed all of my interactions with the team.
I am delighted by the service I have received from Byron Bay Candles. They're very efficient and I've bought an environmentally friendly, long-lasting candle which is refillable. The lotus flower scent which I chose is divine.
Byron Bay Candles have such beautifulproducts with lovely scents 😃The professional service, handwritten notes and prompt response to queries is excellent.Would highly recommend Byron Bay Candles.
Absolutely loved the scent of the candle. Great customer service, she answered every questions. This will be my go to candles. Will be ordering more candles and diffusers. The candle gave a great scent around my work desk and definitely boost the mood. Thank you
Great products and great service! Highly recommend
What an amazing Australian business.Easy ordering and fast delivery.Beautiful scented products and presentation.A lovely personalised note in each delivery.Cannot recommend these products enough. ❤️
I love Byron Bay Candles, my house smells beautiful!!!
I came across Bryon Bay Candles via the internet when I was searching for fragrance free soy tea light candles, as an alternative to the toxic candles that flood the mainstream market. Not only are the candles lovely and look like they've been hand poured; they're non invasive; and it's easy to clean up spills with the wipe of a papertowel. But also, their customer service is exceptional and every enquiry I've had has been responded to with genuine care and within 24 hours (sometimes within the hour). Initially concerned about what to do with the empty tealight plastic cups, BBC also offers a service to return the empty cups postage paid. This awesome combination of qualities keep me coming back for more.
Received my beautiful candles very promptly. All my questions were answered very quickly and politely. I loved the friendly and personalised service I received and the handwritten thank you card. Thank you so much Byron Bay Candles ☺️❤️🙏🏻
Awesome customer service from Annemarie whilst encountering online ordering issues. She made sure I could get what I wanted and was very prompt to give her full attention to the issue. I persisted as I have bought many Byron Bay candles for myself and as gifts, and everybody loves the products! Will be visiting when in Byron again to pick up some more!
Amazing candles! My partner and I visited Byron earlier on this year and came across Byron Bay Candles as we were leaving. Amazing customer service, so friendly and such a great experience when we visited the showroom. We loved the candles so much, we had to buy some refills to get sent back to Melbourne! The quality is fantastic, they burn for ages and the fragrances are amazing. Love this brand!
I got some candles for Christmas and just received two new refills! Was a bit worried about not being able to smell the scents before buying but they give great descriptions of the scents online and I loved what I chose!So wonderful to be able to refill a jar instead of getting a whole new one, more places should be doing this!!!
The pure essential oil candles and diffusers are amazing. We have been looking for non-toxic products to help fill the house with beautiful scents and these didn't disappoint.
I recently purchased some tea light candles and the Vanilla Caramel candle and they completely lived up to my high expectations! I love candles and am very particular when choosing them. Byron Bay Candles have just become one of my favourites. Well done on an excellent product. Will definitely be purchasing again.
Candle aroma was a little intense for me, otherwise loved everything about it, especially the little notes and that I can recycle jar by adding another candle into it.
Just loved the candle and personal service
Great service and products
Love the candles they smell devine. Great customer service and prompt delivery.
Beautiful products, online process was great and delivery very timely, thank you!
Brilliant Australian business. The best candles for its quality, choice of fragrances and superb customer service. Annemarie and Christopher are wonderful owners who are prepared to go out of their way to look after their customers. Please support Australian businesses who are making world standard products, up there if not better, than some of the global brands.
Great quality of the candles delivered quickly with warm hand written greeting message. I will buy again.
I have had alot of candles and these candles i recieved omg i loved them they are devine the smell through my home beautiful you wont be dissapointed order today thankyou so much i will be ordering again 😊
The fragrance Japanese Honeysuckle is amazing. I’m so very happy with my diffuser. Thank you
Beautiful square glass bottle. It looks great on our coffee table. I bought exotic amber and I'm really enjoying the scent. At first it seemed quite strong but now I think it's just the right amount. Strong enough that it doesn't fade into the background, but not so much that it's very overpowering.
Byron Bay pure soy candles are so enjoyable and smell delightful. They burn a super long time and I know they are created through a special and sustainable process. Definitely recommend!
I recently won some candles from Byron Bay Candles. I was so excited to win them and couldn’t wait for them to arrive. They arrived promptly and were so beautifully packaged with a lovely card.Since they arrived I have been burning them every night and they are the most delicious candles I have ever burnt. Even when I’m not burning them our house smells so divine and they have 50 hours of burning , much to my delight.I would not hesitate to recommend Byron Bay Candles to my friends and family as they smell so amazing and are of such great quality.Do yourself a favour guys and head over to Byron Bay Candles on Facebook and Instagram.Annemarie and her team get a 10/10 from me.Thank you so much.Beth
Love ordering from Byron Bay Candles. Deliveries are always very prompt and products are divine.
Best products and customer service! I couldn't be happier with my products purchased and the loved the personal touches of a hand written thank you note as well as the super quick delivery from the time I placed my order. Highly recommend and will absolutely be purchasing from Byron Bay Candles again and again. Thanks from one very satisfied customer
The team at Byron Bay Candles were extremely helpful in solving some delivery mishaps for a gift I ordered. It's got to be one of the best customer service experiences I've had. The gift itself was an absolute hit! Thanks Byron Bay Candles Team!
Beautiful candles with amazing fragrance very happy with my purchase and delivery was prompt
I love the French pear candle the smell goes right through the house I love 💕 it, I will be ordering from you again 🥰🥰
The candles are the best I've ever purchased with wonderful scents. Thoroughly recommend this company as outstanding producers and welcoming staff.
Great product. Quick delivery.
Simple ordering process, fast delivery, beautiful candles. ✅
I randomly found Byron Bay Candles on Google and decided to try their products so I got a few reed diffusers for my home and my car. And I fell in love!! My house smelled amazing and so was my car! And the diffusers lasted really long, even in the hot weather. I have just purchased a few refills and this time I got a different fragrance (there are many choices!). I love it when they also have a range of pure essential oil products! The handwriting thank you card in the package is such a lovely personal touch as well. Thank you and this will be my only store from now on for all home fragrance products!
Refills! Beautiful scents, natural ingredients and the refills mean that it is more environmentally friendly.
I ordered the white ceramic oil burner. It was here in a couple of days! It's beautifully made and we love it. Thank you very much!!
Beautiful candles with exquisite fragrances – highly recommended.
Very fast and effective communication and delivery. The candles are sensational and just as advertised, absolutely outstanding!!
The buying process was easy, postage was fast with good packaging. Excellent buying experience thanks.
Great service and excellent products! Will definitely use Byron Bay Candles again.
I bought the reed diffuser and a gift set of candles to try out a few different scents. All beautiful and can’t wait to try the rest of them! Love that they do refills instead of having to replace the whole product, very waste conscious and saves a few $$ as well! Delivery was fast and well communicated.
Where to start? The whole experience was wonderful, easy online selection, great comms and fast delivery. Once I received the delivery, seeing that personal touch of a hand written note just rounded it all up to a perfect experience. It’s the little things that mean so much to me.
I bought the oil diffuser and a refill. They came very quickly, were beautifully packaged and of excellent and beautiful quality (essential oils). We have bought oil diffusers before but haven't been able to buy replacement oils so it was terrific to be able to buy refills. Highly recommend.
I recently ordered a lime basil mandarin diffuser ,it arrived quickly and was very well packaged.It is a lovely light refreshing fragrance
Beautiful scents, lovely service - Anne-Marie is just the loveliest. I particularly love the refills for the soy candle jars - just brilliant!
Love my Byron Bay candles, beautiful perfume and burning time is a lot longer than previous candles that I have used.Will definitely be ordering more in the future.
I received my order quiet quickly even during Covid-19 delays. My candles are even better than I hoped and smell delicious. I will be ordering more as soon as i can. Thankyou Byron Bay candles🥰🥰
Beautiful scented candles with eco-friendly packaging. Love the idea of candle refill to reuse the candle cup <3
Love, love, love the beautiful and rich scents of their candles. No nasty feeling after long hours of burning. I recently give a set of diffusers to my friend and she asked me where I bought them!
Amazing service. I ordered multiple candles online and sent to different locations for gifts. The process was easy, delivery was extremely fast and the communication was fantastic. I noted on my order the candles were gifts and I revived an email the next day asking if I would like to include a personal message. This was a lovely gesture. The candles were beautifully gift wrapped and sent with my personal message. I will definitely be using their service again. Thank you Byron Bay Candles.
Loved my Melts from Byron Bay candles. I purchased a variety & couldn't wait to smell the aroma of all of them. I had no favourites because they were all lovely in their own way. Thankyou & thankyou for how quickly l received my parcel. 😊
What a lovely group of people are BB Candles. I received my order within a few days of placing it online and it was much better than I expected. A very sweet handwritten note and extra filler reeds means I'll definitely be buying all my scents and refills from BB Candles from now on.
I love the candle that I chose, and it definately uplifts the mood.Tania B
The scent samples are fantastic! I can now purchase the perfect scent for me. There are so many beautiful scents, it will be difficult to choose just one!!!!
We ordered several Byron candles online. Very easy process and prompt delivery. The candles are high quality, and the scents lovely/subtle. We were greatly impressed with the presentation of the candles, and the clear commitment to environmental principles. We love that Byron offers refills, and will certainly purchase from them again. Byron offers a high quality, ethical product, and deserves support.
Gorgeous scents and even better service! I’ll be a regular customer for sure 💕
Hi Team at Byron Bay Candles,Love, love, love, from the enviro packaging, to the handwritten note, smell great too. Well done😍
Today I received my shipment from Byron Bay Candles. I only recently discovered your internet store and this was my first order.I wanted to thank you for your quality customer service and the attention to detail with my order. My order was shipped very quickly and you put a gorgeous little personal note with the order. You also included an extra three tealight candles at your own expense.I'm thrilled with your service, the speed at which you dispatched the order and the little touches you have included that certainly didn't go unnoticed.I sincerely hope that you are very proud of your customer service and your online business. I'm very happy that I came across your online store. I'm already burning the beautiful lotus candle I received and I will not hesitate in ordering from you again.
Great communication with great ethical products.Loved the products I purchased.And love that they recycle the tea light bases - was really one of the main reason I purchased from Byron Candles. Awesome service too.
These candles are great & definitely last the hours that are advertised. I will definitely be ordering these again.
I purchased the lotus scented 50hr candles for spiritual practice.They are very high quality and with good scent throw. The packaging was done well and delivery unaffected by the covid19. Shall try other scents eventually. 👍👍👍
I bought 2 x aromatherapy candles and they are just lovely! Rich in essential oils and non-toxic as they are soy wax. Lovely company to deal with - my order arrived safe and sound in a timely manner, with a nice note attached. Will definitely buy from here again!
Hi Anne MarieWanted to let you know that I love the car Diffuser - makes the car smell Devine and is not overpowering or over whelming. as with all your products/scents just so perfect.I do find is a little difficult to fill/refill due to size but that is outweighed by the great product.As always the other candles I purchased are to your high standard.Shez 😊❤️
Beautiful candles and diffusers. Always prompt delivery and lovely customer service :)
Purchased some products online. Great service with regular updates on order status. Love the refill option for tea lights.
I love candles and Reed Diffusers and have tried so many however this company is my favourite so far. I ordered Lotus Flower 4 of them for the whole house and it is such a beautiful scent throughout the house and it is all natural. Thank you so much I will definitely be ordering again.
I was looking for a clean candle without the nasty chemicals and a captivating smell. I tell you that these candles meet that and beyond. High quality candles combined with excellent online prompt processing was appreciated. The candles smell so good!
I discovered Byron Bay candles during a recent holiday to Byron and am so thrilled I did !! The most beautiful fresh scents, they create such a welcoming vibe to our home. I live in South Australia and have not found anything equal to them so order online and the service provided by Annemarie is second to none ! I cannot recommend highly enough !!
I absolutely love these candles! They are amazing quality, the scent fills the whole room and makes any space feel more homely. I was recently gifted Coconut Lime and I will be sure to re-purchase. Love it!!